Pet Therapy Evaluation

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Pet Therapy Evaluation in Fort Campbell

Become a Handler with Pet Partners with Legend Acres Kristi May Pet Partner Evaluator! Once you have Registered on the Pet Partners Volunteer Center please go to and select your time spot and complete your registration.

For more time options or questions call or text 931-516-3064 or email

We’re excited to know that you are interested in becoming a therapy animal handler with your animal! While therapy dogs make up 94% of the teams in our Therapy Animal Program, we register eight other species too. Take a look at these frequently asked questions to learn about how your pet can be come a therapy animal, which tells you about our requirements.

How do I become a volunteer?
Pet Partners is a nationwide program registering therapy animal teams of nine diverse species for volunteer work. Our teams visit hospitals, nursing homes, and schools, among many other facilities.

To become a volunteer therapy animal team, you and your animal will need to complete a registration. Team registration is the process you will go through to demonstrate that you and your animal are suitable and prepared for therapy animal work. Pet Partners does not ‘certify’ therapy animal teams. We do not have hands-on involvement in the training of the animals volunteering with us; rather, our registration process is a screening that helps us verify you meet our requirements to be successful at this very special type of volunteer work! Learn more about the difference between certification & registration.

Is the therapy animal program a good fit for me?
We strongly encourage you to take a look at the following resources to help you decide if the program will be a good fit for you and your animal:

Thoroughly review Pet Partners’ Program Requirements and Policies and Procedures.
Find out if the program is established in your area. Run a zip code search and consult our calendar of events.
Attending this Volunteering with Your Pet webinar to learn more about the program from a current volunteer.
Do you have a new pet that you hope has a future as a therapy animal? Check out our tips for preparing a puppy to be a therapy dog.

What is involved in a first-time registration with Pet Partners?
First, create your account in the Volunteer Center. Once you’re logged in, start your online registration application by clicking on My Registrations, then ‘Start a Team Registration.’ Your online registration application will guide you through each step of the process, but the steps are also outlined here below for your convenience.

1. Take the Pet Partners Handler Course
The key to safe and effective visits is the training for the “human end of the leash.” The handler’s course is not an animal training course. Instead, it will provide you with a thorough background in the responsibilities and necessary considerations for successful volunteering in any facility you wish to visit.

The course is taken online. You can review your options and sign up for a course in the Training Center in the Volunteer Center (i.e. you must be logged in to sign up).

2. Fill out your Pet Partners Animal Health Screening Form
Our Animal Health Screening Form will be signed by your veterinarian, confirming that your animal is healthy and able to participate in the program. You can print this form directly from your online registration OR from the Resource Library in the Volunteer Center. Only Pet Partners’ official Animal Health Screening Form is acceptable documentation to meet this requirement.

3. Sign up for and attend your Team Evaluation (Surprise AZ)
The team evaluation is a mock therapy animal visit conducted with a Pet Partners licensed evaluator. The evaluator will assess your ability to interpret and manage your animal’s behavior, as well as your animal’s response to your cues. Make sure to have the acceptable equipment ready for your evaluation! You can sign up for your session through the Training Center in the Volunteer Center (i.e. you must be logged in to sign up). Remember, you must first complete and pass your Handler Course before the date of your evaluation.

4. Complete the Volunteer Agreement, Special Initiatives, & Badge Photo sections of your application
All of these steps can be done online in a matter of minutes. Read, review, and accept the terms of the Volunteer Agreement, opt-in to our special Read with Me™ and Walk with Me™ initiatives (if you like!), and upload a photo of yourself & your animal that will appear on your therapy animal team badge.

5. Check your Registration Checklist: is everything complete?
The online registration application provides a checklist to help you follow along with what you have finished and what is left to do. We will not request your registration payment until your application is completed in full, reviewed, and approved by our staff.

What are the costs associated with a first-time registration?
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