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On/Off Rook Game Board

$15.00 by cqp425 in Clarksville, 6 days ago
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On/Off Rook Game Board in Fort Campbell

A 21"x21" Board used to play on/off rook (also called On/Off 57 Cards)
Board is printed on 4mm White Coroplast

NOTE: To play the game you will need 2 decks of rook cards, 50 each of 2 colors of poker chips,
and 10 each of 2 other colors of poker chips used to cap sequences. These items can
be purchased from various sources.

Here are the rules of the game:
Number of Players
2 Teams of 2 players on each team

Object of the game
For your team to be the first to get 3 sets of 5 chips in a row.

How to play
Deal out 5 cards to each player. Every other person is on a team. Team 1 takes a group of colored poker chips (blue, red, white, black, green etc.) of their choice. Team 2 takes a different group of colored chips. The lesser number of colored chips are used when you get 5 chips of the same color in a straight line, you then cap that row. A capped row is locked.
If your row comes out of a corner square you only need 4 chips to get your row of 5 because the corner counts as if it already has a chip. Both teams can use the same corner at the same time.
Rows can be straight or diagonal. When a color has 2 capped rows intersecting, the third set cannot use any of the chips in those two capped rows. In other words you can intersect your rows only one time.
A card with 11 (any color) can put a chip on where ever you desire. A card with 12 (any color) can take any chip off the board. The Wild card acts as an 11 or 12.
Example Game
    •    Player one lays down a card with a green four and places one of his team’s chips on the green four square.
    •    Player one draws a card off the draw pile.
    •    Player two lays down a red 10 card and places one of his team’s chips on the red 10 square and draws a card off the draw pile, and so on…
    •    Players draw a card after the chip is laid each turn. If a player forgets to draw a card and the next player has taken his turn he loses his chance to draw a card and thus plays with four cards.
    •    Laugh and have fun!

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